Joseph Gonzalez is currently a student at Parsons the New School for Design majoring in Product Design. He also practices Graphic Design and Photography. This is his work.

Copyright © 2011–2014 Joseph Gonzalez

My work is now hosted on joegonzo.com


Your wall is your canvas.

A customizable modular storage device that brings new life to the paint can and color to the home.

Goal: Collect and reuse the paint can to give it a second life before returning it to the recycling stream.

Through an online store the user chooses quantity, color, and cover image. They can choose from patterns or upload their own images to be printed on the wrapper.

Wel: The Sustainable Water Filter

The Wel water filter was designed to offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to the destructive disposable model of brands such as Brita. 

NoMess: A Biodegradable and Recyclable Food Tray

This project was submitted in a bid to NYC as a replacement to the plastic foam trays currently used in the city’s public schools. Currently, 830,000 plastic foam trays are sent to landfills every day lunch is served. Given the opportunity to redesign the lunch tray we added a series of improvements. The tray features handles on the side which provide a better grip as well as locations for the utensils and condiments. The material is a biodegradable and recyclable paper pulp called GreenCoat created by Phoenix Industries. This material features a non-stick coating that allows the student to easily separate compostable food waste and maintain the material value of the recyclable paper tray. Lastly, the food portions have been altered to match the ChooseYourPlate specifications, with larger divisions for grain and vegetables and smaller divisions for fruit and protein.

NoMess enhances the student lunch experience by highlighting the importance of education, nutrition, creativity, and sustainability. This tray will allow students to develop a healthier relationship with food and will educate them about the composting and recycling system beyond their own cafeteria. The creative form will excite students to engage in healthy lifestyle habits while understanding their role in systems of sustainability including recycling and composting.

Bentwood Television Stand

Rendering and Prototype.

Walnut, Ash, and Tempered Glass.

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SuHyun by Joe Gonzo


I wrote an article for Design Milk about our experience in the David Trubridge Storytelling Workshop. Above is the completed installation created by Laura Yeh, Jessica Kang, and I.

Recently, students from across the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons The New School for Design came together to participate in a storytelling workshop led by the New Zealand designer David Trubridge. The weekend-long event was a mad-dash mash-up of architecture, interior design, product design and lighting design students working together to convey a story through designed objects…

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Shelly Alvarez by Joe Gonzo

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Students and city dwellers make a series of compromises because of the limited space they have in their apartments. Due to how large lounge chairs usually are, there is a lack of dedicated reading space that properly supports the body. This results in extended reading hunched over a work desk or in various uncomfortable positions on the bed. The goal of the Plylounge is to create a compact, ergonomic lounge chair that comfortably supports an adult within a limited space. The design uses minimal amounts of plywood so that it is light enough to move into and around the space, yet strong enough to support the body . The chair is constructed from only 4 pieces of wood. When it reaches the end of its life, it can be easily deconstructed and recycled.

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Kelly by Joe Gonzo